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"If you love that feeling you get after a great chat with a friend, and would enjoy having more of those moments in your life, then SoonCall is definitely for you!"
Mark HoughtonFounder @ SoonCall

Meet the Founder

An interview with our founder, talking about why he started SoonCall

Who are you?

I'm Mark, the founder of the mobile app SoonCall. I previously spent a few years in research, and now work as a mobile developer at Pocketworks.

Why have you created SoonCall?

I created SoonCall to stay better connected with my friends who live in different cities, countries and continents.

So, what is SoonCall?

It’s a wellbeing app focused on loneliness prevention. We help you strengthen your most meaningful relationships, no matter the geographical distance.

SoonCall tracks when you last had a proper catch up with your closest friends and family, and makes smart suggestions on who to speak with next.

What's the ultimate goal of SoonCall?

I want to address the loneliness epidemic. When many of your friends are spread all over the world, you really start to appreciate that nobody is immune to feeling lonely.

We want to help by giving people the tools and insights to strengthen their existing friendships.

What does the roadmap for SoonCall look like?

One of the unique things about SoonCall is how we come up with suggestions for who to catch up with when.

You can set preferences for how often you'd like to call someone, but we can also take other things into account like birthdays, milestones, and insights from your previous catch-ups.

Beyond this, there's also plans for things like photo memories, advanced insights, and syncing with other friends who have the app.

Who would you say SoonCall is for?

We hope SoonCall can be useful to anyone who is looking to build better relationships with their friends and family across different locations.

It's for people who would like to have more regular catch ups over the phone, or those who want real conversations, but just need that extra nudge to pick up the phone.

If you love that feeling you get after a great chat with a friend, and would enjoy having more of those moments in your life, then SoonCall is definitely for you!

Download the SoonCall mobile app

Our mobile app is now available on iOS! Scan the QR code, or visit the App Store to download.

QR code for the SoonCall app
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